About Vasflam:

The word “Vasflam” comes from one of my favorite computer game series “Ultima“. This game spanned 2 decades of versions and I played and loved them all. The game used power words for spells and combining them in certain orders gave you the resulting focused magic.

For example:


| |AN – Negate |BET – Small |CORP – Death |DES – Down | |EX – Freedom |FLAM – Flame |GRAV – Energy |HUR – Wind | |IN – Cause |JUX – Harm |KAL – Summon |LOR – Light | |MANI – Life |NOX – Poison |ORT – Magic |POR – Movement | |QUAS – Illusion|REL – Change |SANCT – Protection|TYM – Time | |UUS – Raise |VAS – Great |WIS – Knowledge |YLEM – Matter|


So “Vas Flam” = Great Flame = Fireball spell.

About Brian Giovannoni:

I am currently working for Jet Propulsion Laboratory as the Chief Engineer for NASA’s Multimission Ground System and Services program office serving as the technical authority for Advanced Multimission Operations System. The Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS) exists to provide multimission tools and services that enable mission customers to operate at a lower total cost to NASA while maintaining comparable or higher reliability and performance than would be the case if these customers acquired their own unique tools and services.

My heart lies with my family! Please see my son’s very own website: Angelo’s World

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